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03 January 2010 @ 04:09 pm
00 - fic index  
Since I've signed up for a remix and a good majority of my fic is now slightly scattered, I will be creating a fic index instead of rearchiving everything here. Some fics listed will be hosted here, while others will be at my old community, bunnycrack.


flesh and bones, r, sho/jun (side: ohmiya & aiba/becky),au, r, 2489 words

musings, nc-17, ohmiya, AU, 2014 words

A Series of Fours g, no pairings, AU (possible continuation), 693 words

Christmas Cake
g, shoneen, 1027 words

the proof of living that you gave me
r, aiba/toma, 1688 words

kitten noses
pg, ohmiya (kind of), au, 655 words

nc-17, ohmiya, edo au, smut, 1853 words

A Quiet Affair
pg, slight ohmiya – mostly gen, 746 words

Drabbles Batch #1
3, various pairings, all g

Second Chances
nc-17, ohmiya, au, 3804 words

Taxi Cab
g, ohmiya (hinted), 397 words

One Puff of Breath is Never Enough
pg-13, ohmiya, 681 words

10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to do That I Haven’t Done (Yet)
pg-13, hinted arashi/arashi, 831 words

“Five Times Arashi Caused A Manager’s Breakdown and One Time the Managers Struck Back”
pg-13, gen, jehols2008, 1860 words

abstinence or absinthe
pg, hinted ohmiya, 271 words

Drabble Dump 2008

Nothing More
hard R, ohmiya smut, 648 words

g, ohmiya, 426 words

Natsu Matsuri
pg, ohmiya, 781 words

The Aiba/Jun Smut
nc-17, aiba/jun, 597 warning: total crack

The Small Things in Life
g, ohmiya friendship, 281 words

Uh...Nino, where are my pants?
pg-13, ohmiya, 205 words

What Hurts the Most
pg, one-sided ohmiya, 532 words

To Out-Gay A MatsuJun
pg, gen, 420 words

pg-13, ohmiya. 434 words

pg, ohmiya, 206 words

nc-17, sakumoto smut, 686 words

Sex & Candy
nc-17, ohmiya smut, 643 words

Hana Yori SK
g, ohmiya, 384 words

Alone in a Crowded Room
pg-13, ohmiya, 640 words

The Point of No Return
pg, ohmiya, 256 words
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nakabibighaninakabibighani on February 13th, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
hi :) i've read some of your works and i loved them. especially the ohmiya ones. i would have read SEX & CANDY but lj informed me that access is denied. what should i do to be able to read it? thanks!
imsandiimsandi on September 28th, 2011 06:33 pm (UTC)
Was trying to read some of your R+ fics and am told don't have access, I have tried joining Bunnycrack community, but seems like it is a community that is no longer updated. Is there any way to get approved so I can read them. Also will you be finishing the Bump in the Night fic, the first two chapters were great and would like to read more if it is up anywhere.