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28 July 2010 @ 01:55 pm
10 - A Series of Fours, none, AU, g  
A Series of Fours, gen/Sci-fi AU, no pairings (currently), g, 693 words
The year is 4444, and the sun is burning.
AN: So my A/C at my house is out, I am sick with a kidney stone and other fun and I'm bored. This popped into my head. This may stand alone, or it may be expanded, I haven't quite decided yet. Will be expanded, but I have no guarantees on this or when.

The year is 4444, and the sun is burning. Civilization has adapted - cities are domed, hidden from the intense UV radiation but not much else. Life functions primarily at night: Formerly day-time activities are either done in 'UV' rooms or simply done at night. Not much is left of the world outside the domes and the human race knows that soon those won't even be enough.


His face is tanned, but he doesn't dare venture into the sun. Instead, he sits for hours in the small indoor fishing pond near his mother's home. The UV lights that keep the plants and fish living also give his skin a golden tone that most would fight to keep at bay.

He doesn't mind though. He sits, he fishes. It's relaxing and it reminds him that there used to be times when this could be done on an ocean so vast you couldn't see the other side. He's never seen it himself, only heard the tales Sho loves reciting from his history books.

One day, they've been told, one day they will take to the sky and find a new home with oceans as far as the eye can see, oceans that don't burn at a touch.

Ohno likes to dream, while sitting on the little stool watching the fish swim past his line, that he'll get a chance to see it.



He's pale, far paler than most. He spends his days sequestered away from any hints of sunlight, sleeping through it until the sun goes down and the city awakens. No use burning his skin to pick from people who have nothing - are nothing.

Nino moves quickly through the crowds of men rushing to work, women taking children to school. He only picks from the ones who look like they have it. Not many do anymore and it's getting harder and harder to live off of what credits he can lift.

His 'partner in crime' isn't so good at the lifting, but he's a perfect charmer for the sweet, vapid girls he services in the night. Aiba has asked Nino to join him at the club time and time again, but Nino always refuses.

He's thinking he might need to take Aiba up on his offer at last as he counts the meager take for the night until he spots his next mark.

Tall, slim, well dressed and completely absorbed in the data pad he's reading. Perfect.


He knows he's better off than most, knows when the time comes, he's guaranteed the salvation of the ship. It kills him every time he thinks of it.

Sakurai Sho is a scholar, a historian and a complete sucker for old lore of the days that used to be. He recites them time and time for Ohno, who simply sits and listens. Sho never knows if Ohno is truly paying attention or simply humoring him, but it's comforting, at least.

Sakurai Sho knows that it's a long shot for salvation - even if they are able to complete the massive world ship in time, there is no guarantee for the survival of their race cramped all together on it, drifting the galaxy looking for a new home.

But he doesn't tell Ohno this. He tells Ohno they'll find a place to call home, with oceans as far as they can see.


Jun isn't as absorbed in his data pad as the picker thinks he is and his reflexes are quick enough to grab the slight man's hand just as it slinks into his pocket to lift his credit chip.

"Don't. Walk away now and I won't call the guard." He knows better than to think this picker is anymore than a street rat. When he turns to regard the picker, he's taken aback by the quick recognition of the face before him. "Ninomiya…"
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ishidaforeverishidaforever on July 28th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Ummm, I kind of love this. Like, a LOT.