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20 August 2010 @ 04:33 pm
11 - musings, ohmiya, au, nc-17  
musings - AU, ohmiya, nc-17, 2014
Ohno is a painter in Florence, Italy, trying to find his way. Just when Ohno's beginning to doubt his talents, Nino appears to show him the way.
AN: written for the 2010 je_fqfest for vintage_belle. There is girl!nino. :3 Much thanks goes to nicefinalbeam & floweranza for this one. :) ♥

Ohno sat, staring. It had been three months of work, sleepless nights. He'd spent his entire savings (and a few of those sleepless nights) on a model and now he was left with this: A sub-par painting that he doubted he could even give away, let alone sell.

He sighed, drawing his fingers through his hair and tugging a little. What kind of artist was he if he couldn't even draw a meager living from his art? The only reason he still had a roof over his head and food in his stomach was thanks to the money his mom was sending from Japan. Sho's words rang over and over in Ohno's head, telling him that perhaps Florence simply wasn't ready for one as talented as himself. Ohno snorted a little – he knew it had just been a lie to keep him happy.

Staring at the half-finished work for a few more long moments, Ohno finally stood and snatched the canvas from the easel, intent on destroying the source of his ire.

What Ohno Satoshi had not banked on, however, was arriving at the River Arno to find a woman dressed in nothing but a thin cloth and singing softly to herself as she tossed pebbles into the murky water.

He also hadn't banked on said woman wrestling him for the canvas as he made to throw it into the river, causing them (and the canvas) to end up in waist-deep water instead.

Which was how they'd ended up in Ohno's small apartment, dripping wet. Ohno handed her a towel, trying to keep his eyes away from how the damp cloth she wore clung to ever curve and hid nothing. She didn't seem to pay the state of her dress any mind though, and immediately went about scrubbing her hair dry with the towel.

They stood in relative silence for a while, the woman drying and Ohno standing there struck dumb. Finally, the woman spoke. "Why were you destroying the painting?"

Ohno looked up at the sound of her voice. "It was no good." His brows furrowed when the woman gave a disdainful snort at the response.

"What kind of judge are you?" She retorted, flopping down into one of his chairs and sitting completely un-ladylike in the process. "You painters are all the same!" Standing again, she moved quickly across the scratched wooden floor to poke Ohno squarely in the chest. "Did you know," she continued, "that da Vinci nearly burned the Mona Lisa? Were it not for me, it would have been a pile of ash!"

Ohno stared, blinking a few times as he tried to process everything the woman had said (and tried not to focus on the fact that she may as well be wearing a wet sheet before him.). "You knew da Vinci?"

The woman regarded him with a raised eyebrow, her arms crossed over her chest now "And what of it? Of course I did! I know you all, and have for ages! And you're all the same!" She huffed then, going back to her chair and grumbling something about ungrateful painters and how it wasn't fair that Masaki got the musicians.

Realization seemed to elude Ohno as he regarded the woman for long moments, trying to place her words and dress before it finally hit him like a ton of bricks. "A muse! You're a muse!" His voice came out small, almost breaking as he spoke.

The woman - no muse - laughed and somehow Ohno was sure he heard bells tinkling with it. "That I am. I've gone by many names, though I've taken a fair liking to Ninomiya, currently."

"Ninomiya," Ohno tested out the name, watching her curiously. "Why me? Why try to save that painting? It wasn't worth anything, I'm not worth anything."

Ninomiya stopped laughing then and regarded him carefully, the joviality gone from her face. "What makes you think that?" She stood again and crossed the room to stand before him. "I've seen the greats, I've seen the not-so-greats, and I've seen the absolutely-wretcheds. You're not a great yet, but you are most definitely not an absolutely-wretched." And yet again, Ninomiya was laughing, leaving Ohno positively dumbstruck by this strange muse that was now rifling through his drawers for clothing. Holding up a t-shirt Ohno had designed with a Mario mushroom on it, she turned to him again with a bright smile. "Can I wear this?"

Three weeks had passed since Ninomiya the Muse had taken residence in Ohno's small apartment, and in those three weeks, Ohno had begun to doubt the credibility of the folk lore surrounding her kind.

She was loud, somewhat obnoxious and had managed to procure a Nintendo Wii at some point and spent a good majority of her time screaming at it instead of bringing him any sort of inspiration.

"Well…is she at least pretty? Aren't muses supposed to inspire with love?" Jun had suggested in an email. Ohno hadn't known how to respond to that, because while Ninomiya (or Nino, as she'd asked to be called) was indeed pretty, she did nothing to accentuate it. Unless you counted wearing his clothing and lounging around in nothing but panties and a long-sleeved t-shirt most of the time.

Ohno was running short on time. His visa to stay in Florence would be up fairly soon and at this point he had nothing to show for his time here save for a romp with a model and a soggy canvas. He couldn't keep taking money from his parents, but he also couldn't give up on this dream so easily. Finally deciding it was time for his muse to do some…musing, Ohno grabbed the controller from her hand in a huff. "You are a horrible muse."

Nino just blinked up at him, pouting a little as she reached for the controller again. "And you're a horrible host! Look, Mario just died! It's your fault you know, I hope you enjoy the blood of the innocent on your hands." In a huff, Nino sat back on the small couch and crossed her arms.

Ohno held the controller away still, though, not bending to her whims yet again. "You've not inspired me at all! Isn't that was muses are supposed to do?!!!" Then he sucked in a sharp breath, completely taken aback when Nino moved quick and pressed tightly up against him.

"You want me to inspire you?" She breathed out, lipping at his ear and making Ohno's entire body tremble with the sudden pleasure of it. His fingers came up to her hips, tangling reflexively in the fabric of her shirt. She moaned, her own fingers tangling in his hair and Ohno jerked against her in reflex. The feeling of her body beneath his hands wasn't something Ohno had really anticipated. Yes, he'd seen her in various states of dress throughout the three weeks of their cohabitation, but actually feeling it beneath his fingers sent a shock straight to his groin.

It seemed as if Nino was quite enjoying that reaction, though, judging by the way she was nibbling and licking at his neck. Ohno's fingers slide under her shirt then, tugging at it and trailing over every little bit of skin he could. She felt like silk, and Ohno wanted more.

With a soft chuckle, Nino pulled back and Ohno watched in awe as she pulled the offending bit of clothing away. "Inspired yet?" Her voice was playful, teasing. Ohno gave a soft groan and moved, their lips crashing together once more as he backed her up to his small bed. They fell then, a tangle of limbs and kisses that Ohno finally had to break to rid himself of his own shirt.

Nino looked positively heavenly laying out like she was on his bed, flushed and wearing only her panties. It was then that Ohno realized just where her talent laid. He drew a breath, holding up a finger and rushing to grab his sketch pad.

He could hear Nino protest, but when he returned she was in the same place, waiting mostly patiently. "Sorry," he said sheepishly, perched on the edge of the bed as he sketched her form quickly. He wouldn't need her there long – the image was stuck in his mind and he doubted he'd be able to lose it any time soon. Once satisfied with his sketch, Ohno set the pad down and wiggled out of his jeans, crawling over her and grinning when she hooked a leg around his waist.

"Now I am," Ohno said in response to her earlier query, capturing her lips even as his fingers found the waistband of her panties and pulled. Nino's replying chuckle was half-moan, half-laugh as she lifted and shifted to help in their removal.

"As you should be." Nino's fingers were burning hot trails up Ohno's skin as he settled between her legs. Her legs wrapped around his waist again, urging him forward and Ohno was more than happy to oblige. A moan tore itself from his lips and into hers as he slipped inside, settled deep. Nino clenched around him, pulling him in even deeper.

Nino whimpered below him, and her hips began to move in slow, shallow circles around him. Ohno took this as his cue to move, and move he did. Bracing himself on one arm and keeping his lips firmly locked with hers, Ohno's hand found one of her petite breasts and began to massage just as his hips began their slow thrust.

His fingers twirling one hard nipple between them, Ohno drank in every moan and writhe Nino gave. His lips teased and tangled with her own as their hips met thrust for thrust. Shifting, Ohno set his attention on her other breast.

Ohno shifted then, his arms wrapping around her waist before sitting back and pulling her with him. Nino gasped, turning to a chuckle as she settled there on his lap.

"Satoshi—" It was the first time she'd called him by his given name, and Ohno's breath caught with the sound of it. He held her close, his arms tight around her waist even as he kept the pace of rocking up into her.

"Nino… I…"

"Kazue," she corrected breathlessly, "call me Kazue…."

Ohno repeated the name and was rewarded by Nino crashing their lips together again forcefully and starting to ride him with reckless abandon. The bed creaked below them, but Ohno didn't care. Everything he knew, everything he was, all of it was Nino in this moment.

Fumbling slightly, Ohno reached between them to find the little bundle of nerves, stroking it and teasing her in an attempt to push her over first. The whines she gave in response were favorable and suddenly she clenched. Breaking the kiss, Ohno watched through hazy eyes as Nino tossed her head back and screamed his name in orgasm.

Thrusting through her orgasm, Ohno followed a few moments later. His cries were muffled in the skin of her neck, her name falling from his lips over and over.

They stayed tangled together like this until their breathing evened out and the sweat began to cool on their skin. Finally, Nino untangled herself from his arms and lap, and Ohno had to reach out to steady her as she stumbled a little. "Kazue?"

Nino regarded him with a sheepish smile, flicking her now-loose hair over her shoulder. "I don't do that with you all, you know. Well… yes. That's all I'll say."

Ohno watched as she picked up her shirt and panties and pulled them back on before returning to her place in front of the television. Grinning to himself, Ohno stood and picked up his sketch pad, sitting down to turn it the work of art it deserved to be.

A few minutes after he'd began transferring the lines of her to his canvas, he felt her press against his back, her sharp chin digging into his shoulder.

"I hope you know," she said, voice a little smug, "that I fully expect 75% of the sale of this piece as a sitting fee."
Jadeyjade_lil on August 20th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
eh, first?
Jadey: ohmiyakissjade_lil on August 20th, 2010 08:46 pm (UTC)
uwaaah! it's 12:46am here.. I should go to sleep but I can't help it.. this is amazingly hot.. and Nino's a girl? waaah! so hot!
nakabibighaninakabibighani on February 13th, 2011 03:37 pm (UTC)
you're an omniscient writer :) there's not much conversation, more of descriptions and explanations. enjoyed it a lot. full of substance and takes on different courses. what impresses me the most is that you don't lose the characters of ohno and nino in the process. thanks for this!
ichi_toshimiyaichi_toshimiya on September 14th, 2011 04:26 am (UTC)
cute... :))
Nino is soooo cute as a muse and as a girl... xixixi